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Lisa Anderson is a conference speaker, author and host of The Boundless Show, a national radio program and podcast.

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What People are Saying About Lisa…


Lisa quickly connects with any audience hungry for truth and laughter. Her message is honest and authentic, and allows people to join her in wrestling with their place in God's greater story. This generation longs for vulnerability and connection and Lisa opens the door wide for honest conversations to take place. She has a gift.
Katherine Jeffery, PhD Director of Student Leadership Development Adjunct Faculty, Trinity College
Lisa spoke to over 300 women for our 2 Christian radio stations. Her fresh approach to life is raw but transparent and real. Her testimony/story of life lessons make you confront your own fears and failures and face them with a new boldness, a fresh clarity from God’s perspective and an understanding that you are not alone. Lisa will make you laugh and cry — all in her opening statement.
Jan JohnsonDirector of Marketing/Promotions Salem Media Group San Antonio, Texas
Almost a year later and our college ministry continues to bear fruit from an event Lisa Anderson spoke at. Her winsome yet convicting, relevant yet Christ-centered message served as a beacon of light, helping college students navigate the swampy waters of dating, relationships, and purpose. I could not recommend Lisa any higher!
Steve Greene Director of Young Life, Washburn University Director of College Fellowship, Lion and Lamb Church Topeka, Kansas
Lisa is a gifted speaker with a great heart for singles around the globe. She spoke at our singles conference in Hong Kong and her message was strong, powerful, and — most of all — relevant to the people of our city. She was able to transcend cultures and get to the heart of our singles group by speaking universal truths into their lives.
Tim LaTourPastor of Young Adults Ministry Island Evangelical Community Church, Hong Kong

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